The creative heart,
mind and soul behind

Caitlin Joy

Wearer of many hats

FREYA FLORA has been a natural progression for me. Growing up in the country and spending many hours of my childhood playing outside in the garden, in the neighbours swamp and in the native bush across the road, I was exposed to many elements in nature. I was that kid picking the heads off the flowers of my aunties gardens and making what I now know to be called ‘flat lays’ and potions.

I trained as a florist when I left high school and have been working with flowers in some capacity ever since. Originally from Cambridge, I have also lived and worked in Wellington and Amsterdam before coming home to New Zealand and settling in Otautahi, Christchurch.

I like to imagine I’m creating a little slice of garden paradise with every bouquet that leaves the shop, a beautiful representation of every bride with every bridal bouquet I create, and a calming slice of nature with every installation I am part of.

FREYA FLORA has been a long time coming and I feel very blessed to be in a position to be able to open my doors and share my passion with you. You are welcome in our studio space, open to the public on Saturdays from 10am till 4pm at Clubhouse 22 Southwark street.

Peaches Morse

Sun seeker and ultimate snuggler

last year we had to say goodbye to our wonderful and dearly beloved Peaches Morse. It was the most heart breaking time and it totally destroyed me. The loss is still keenly felt, though we now have a new fur baby who is slowly growing into the giant horse shaped hole that Peaches left in our lives. Our new fur baby is Meeko, she will get her own introduction some time soon. I still cant bring myself to remove Miss Morse from this page, but when that happens, Meeko will be on.